Sharon Timms

Lead Researcher

Naz De Bono

Fitness Coach

Sam Gowing

Chef & Nutritionist

It’s time to
reconnect to your power

Xali is a new holistic health platform, led by emotion and intuition, designed specifically for women experiencing biological changes.

Welcome to Xali

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Inspiring workouts for all fitness levels

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we listen to the way you feel and give you a personalised selection of workouts.

You can bend to your body’s needs with yoga or smash the day with boxing, it’s all there waiting for you.

Cognitive Functions
Flexibility & Mobility
Personalised training

Recommended daily workouts based on individual experience, motivation and capacity.

250+ Workouts for all levels

Different workouts, different levels, same goal – a healthier you (that your body will thank you for!)

With or without equipment

No equipment? No problem! All workouts are bodyweight based or use only basic equipment.

Anywhere, any device

Bring fitness into your life, on demand. Stream workouts on any internet-enabled device.

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A collection of delicious and healthy recipes

The best way to support your health journey is to find food that that is easy to prepare, nourishing and delicious!

Our recipes have been specifically designed to nurture our bodies, brains and bellies. Xali will teach you to eat for health and happiness.

Fresh & Vital
Immunity Boosting
Strength & Cardio
Relieve & Restore
Brain Function
250+ Recipes

Designed for optimum ease, nutrition, and flavour.

Dietary preferences

Using whole food ingredients, our recipes can be easily tailored to suit your specific dietary needs.

Recommended recipes

Start your Xali food journey by telling us what you like to eat, and you’ll receive tailored recipes each day.

Expertly crafted

All recipes have been designed by our team chef and nutritionist, Samantha Gowing.

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A wealth of knowledge on women’s health

It’s a jungle out there! When looking for information on hormones, health, and happiness, it’s hard to know where to start.

Xali is about building and sharing knowledge on women’s health. Our team is dedicated to finding out the whys, hows and what-can-I-dos to support your journey

Fitness & Physio
Mental Health
Sexual Health
Nutrition & Food
Renowned experts

We’ve sourced information from interviews with experts and researched pieces (so that you don’t have to).

Accessible content

Read now or download for later. This is the Xali one-stop-shop to learn all about this hormone journey.


Got something you want to know about? If it’s not here, let us know and we’ll do the information seeking for you.


Join Naz, Sam, Sharon and special guests for monthly chats on all those tricky, sticky topics you’re dying to discuss!

Coming Soon

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Connect with other women like you

Xali is a place where we can connect, share our experiences, get support and be each other’s champions! The Xali community is a place to nurture and develop strong connections with other women.

A kind and safe place

No judgement. No expectations. Just the support to be your very best self.


Connect with like-minded women also on this health and wellness journey.

Member stories

Read about experiences from our member community or share your own story to inspire others.

Confession box

Got something to get off your chest? Welcome to the Confession Box. Store it or share it – it’s up to you!

Coming Soon

Individualised journey

This is your body,
your journey.

By answering a few easy questions, Xali creates a completely personalised program of daily workouts, recipes and articles to keep you on track with your health.

These recommendations are designed especially for you, and are adjusted daily based on your response and input.


Open to challenge,
open minded

Sharon Timms

Lead Researcher

Naz de Bono

Fitness Coach

Sam Gowing

Chef & Nutritionist

Apple, android and everything in between

One health platform
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Windows / Mac / ChromeOS

Smart TV

Compatible with Apple AirPlay & ChromeCast


Choose your Xali plan

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1 month

Billed monthly.

  • Move unlimited
  • Eat unlimited
  • Learn unlimited
  • Connect unlimited
  • Individualised journey
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3 months

$45 billed quarterly.

  • Move unlimited
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12 months

$108 billed annually.

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What other women
are saying about us

“I actually started to enjoy the feeling I got from working out again. I am grateful for your motivation & help, no matter what was asked, you gave all the answers”

Elaine Grennan

“I am now up to 48 days of workouts. To say that I love them would be an understatement. My body is transforming and I love the feeling of power in my muscles. My posture too has improved. The recipes are great. Naz’s passion, enthusiasm and genuine caring shine through. I am so very grateful”

Anne Wareing

“Naz you are an amazing motivating trainer, I felt like you were talking only to me through the screen. I am a regular exerciser but struggle to always get to the gym with kids and work. Doing home based workouts has worked really well for me, it’s been great to give me a boost. I also kicked some bad food habits, like eating the kids leftovers…..”

Donna O’dell

“I knew it would be good but it totally smashed my expectations. Only regret is that I’m not off on a hot holiday… These abs shouldn’t be hidden under a jumper!! Thank you so much”


“I wanted to thank you and your team for all your help and guidance. I definitely feel the workouts have made a difference overall in me… I feel better and have been able to implement a lot of the learnings into my day to day lifestyle”

Surbhi Sethi

“Can’t thank you enough Naz! After hearing my friends talk about your workouts at the gym, I really didn’t think I would be able to stick to them but I managed to incorporate the easy to follow, professional workouts into my day. I loved trying out all the new recipes which were so tasty. My daughter enjoyed working out with you too!”


“I am so inspired to do better and be better! I have learnt so much about myself, and that I’m actually mentally and physically stronger than I thought I was. Naz puts the fun into working out, and the community group that has been set up is simply incredible.“

Nadia Clements


In case you still have
any questions

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