Welcome to the 14 Day Lifestyle & Fitness Challenge!
Over 14 days we will guide you through expert driven assisted workouts that focus on improving strength, stability, mobility, flexibility, and more. 


Welcome to DAY 1 of your 14 day challenge! 
Are you ready to burn?
Today’s workout is all about finding your range of movement; How high can you kick safely? How deep can you lunge?

This 2 week challenge is all about building your strength and core with each workout, each day. Go at your own pace and be kind to yourself.  Good luck!


How are you feeling after DAY 1? If you’re a little sore, that’s totally normal!
We are going to prep our lymphatic and nervous system with a warm up before we work out. Once we’re warmed up it’s time to jump right in to sculpt, tone and perfectly compliment your workout from yesterday.
Jump into the Community Group once you’re done to tell us how you went!


Your muscles will be feeling the work you are putting in – well done you! It’s time to shift our focus to your lower body to shape and tone your pins.
For your DAY 3 workout you’ll need a booty band, but if you don’t have one just use a small up towel.
PS. You’ll won’t want to miss this workout – have a laugh with Naz as she gets in touch with her inner Wonder Woman!


Today is all about sculpting your mid-section and shoulders. Are you ready? You’re doing so well!
There’s something magical about DAY 4; It’s when most people say they notice their body is changing even in the slightest of ways. Yes, it’s really possible to see results that quick!
You will no doubt be pretty sore after your superhero workout yesterday, so make sure you enjoy today’s Xali pilates session, or should we say, Xaliates?
The Torpedo is back, so if you feel like you need extra help with this extra fun waist cyncher just post in our Community Group and Naz will post a ‘tips video’ to help you nail your technique.


DAY 5 is always about bringing back your inner child. Have fun with the moves and don’t forget that laughter burns calories too!
Some of the moves may look funny but today’s workout is all about your cardio vascular fitness, agility and resiliency in your joints.
We love throwing in a few punches into our routine to eliminate any pent up stress – it’s a great way to lower the stress hormone called cortisol.
The basket ball hoops burn like crazy but you got this baby!
If you need to slow it down due to pain, that’s ok. this challnge is about progressing to your best each time you work out.


After yesterday’s epic push we slow it down, working deep into the waist, shoulders and inner thighs. It’s a calmer routine but don’t be fooled, the burn is mighty.
DAY 6 will have muscles working you didn’t even know you had! Have a small towel handy for this workout, you’re going to sweat.
It’s your first Saturday on the challenge, set yourself up for success by choosing a really yummy recipe and staying busy. You’ve got this.. I know you have!


It’s DAY 7 and you’re halfway! How time flies when you’re happy, healthy and having fun! Let’s celebrate with a little boxing cardio.
Don’t be intimidated if you have never done it before. This workout has been expertly designed as a warm up to really prepare you for the moves. As women, it’s extremely important to make sure that your technique is on point and that you’re moving in a way that is safe for your joints.
Time to embrace your inner Rocky and celebrate your achievements so far!


You’ve officially entered Week 2 of the challenge. How are YOU?! I know you must be feeling different because we are too!
We hope you enjoyed the boxing session yesterday and that you managed to keep yourself on track over the weekend. Remember, we are here to support you so remember to post how you are feeling our Community Facebook Group. It helps motivate other strong women just like you to speak up.
Today’s DAY 8 workout is slow and controlled but oh, boy, does it burn your Booty. These are some of our favourite moves that were designed to sculpt and tone.
Which is your Fav work out so far? Tell us here.
Love Naz xx


Here at Xali we know that most back injuries are done when twisting. DAY 9 is all about building your core strength from your glutes to your shoulders to ensure your body is more resilient.
It’s slow and technical, if you need to press pause at any time to perfect your own technique, please do. It’s all about finding what works for your body. You should be feeling much stronger now, so its the perfect time to bring these trickier moves in.
Remember, Naz will be in the Community Facebook Group for support so if you need help or advice on these types of moves, please pop a note in so she can assist!
When thinking about your next meal, make sure to go for something high in protein. Fish is the perfect when you have a craving for all the good fats. Protein and fats keep us satisfied so that we don’t reach for sugary snacks. What is your favourite recipe so far?

DAY 10

It’s DAY 10 and we know you’re feeling your upper body, so remember the benefits of a good magnesium, both in supplement form and a bath!
We switch focus today and hit the lower body and abs. The warm up is lovely and will make sure your body feels loved and nurtured before you feel the burn.
Nice simple moves so that you can focus on giving it your best. Remember, it’s all about YOUR body so if something does not work for you, switch the move to suit you better.
You only have 4 days to go… Whichever intensity you chose, I know your body will be moving better, looking better and feeling better.
What have you surprised yourself with? We’d love to hear from you in the group… And if you haven’t done a red faced selfie yet..now could be your time!
We are so proud of you and your journey.

DAY 11

Day 11 and did someone say ABS!!! Oh wow, you will find them for sure in this workout – 50 seconds working is a long time!
Having a small towel handy is advised but not essential.
You have got so much stronger, but today is a good time for us to remind you to modify or take a different move if it does not feel good for your back – even take a breath, pause – reset and start again if you need.
Do you feel on track with your food? If you need a hand with ideas or nutrition remember to pop a note in community – that way we can all help inspire each other.

DAY 12

You are so close to the finish line… Yes your Abs are probably feeling yesterday’s workout, but it kinda hurts so good right?!
The workout today is boxing. You will feel your waist and shoulders work hard…. Why do you think boxers have such an amazing physique ?! Always work at your speed, the combo is simple so you can focus on great technique. If you’ve missed a work out, or just don’t feel as focused, Don’t worry… It’s not how hard you fall, but how fast you get back up!
Make sure you refuel with a great meal, so that you have energy for the workout tomorrow as it’s a toughy.

DAY 13

Oh my … Day 13 brings the Famous Naz Ladder!
This one targets your core waist and shoulders to give you an incredible burn – you are so much stronger than when you started – take a minute to reflect on how far you have come.
As always, if you need to modify or change or move so it feels good for your body, please do. REMEMBER – you can go slower than Naz too.
We think today is a great day for a post workout selfie in the group don’t you?!

DAY 14

Yesss! You did it – the final day of your challenge and you gotta be feeling good!!
Today we do Abs, Boxing and finish with a fun move to get us all giggling – it’s super fun – don’t worry if you feel unco.. it’s all part of not taking yourself too seriously but still burning calories!
Very important that you listen to your body, if you need to slow the combo down and march instead of jog… Please do!
Remember this challenge is called DO IT FOR YOU for a reason 🙂 We know you will be feeling AMAZING so how about you post a testimonial in the group and we would really love it if you write a google review… We couldn’t have done this without you so THANK YOU – you are incredible!


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